To be better prepared for the next pandemic, leading scientists from the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom are advocating some radical innovations. They propose the creation of a European authority for clinical research on pandemics to coordinate clinical research in this area thereby avoiding fragmentation of studies.

This pandemic is not over yet. However, two years later, we start to look forward, to a future where COVID-19 may become an endemic disease. We want REMAP-CAP to be a part of the future, and aim to contribute to improve not just outcomes for patients, but also todeliver a more efficiënt and high quality research.

The pandemic has also shown that REMAP-CAP could do what it was designed for: Adapt in a pandemic, incorporate new promising interventions, adapt to a changing standard of care and quickly and effectively deliver results that change the clinical care of hospitalized and critically ill patients. Within 24 months of the start of the pandemic, we have been able to conclude on a total 7 domains and deliver 10 important conclusions for our patients.