With the spring coming, it is time for change, also for REMAP-CAP. We have entered – again – the inter-pandemic stage, with over 90% of recruitment in non-COVID-19 infections since more than a year.

At the end of 2023, we look back at our recent achievements and take a sneak preview at 2024.

With Autumn knocking on the door, hospitalizations for pneumonia are expected to increase, and we are determined to continue contributing to finding better treatments for influenza and COVID-19.

REMAP-CAP is slowly transiting from the pandemic setting to the pre-pandemic scenario with a focus on severe CAP and improving our processes based upon the lessons learned during the pandemic.

Callum and Sam Spence are twins, but the way COVID-19 affected them was very different. Callum ended up on a ventilator in the ICU fighting for his life, while Sam was at home with aches and pains. Their dramatic experience, chronicled in the Irish Independent, led them to the REMAP-CAP trial.

To be better prepared for the next pandemic, leading scientists from the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom are advocating some radical innovations. They propose the creation of a European authority for clinical research on pandemics to coordinate clinical research in this area thereby avoiding fragmentation of studies.

With the pandemic calming down in Europe, REMAP-CAP still delivered important conclusions for patients.